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DiGiCo SD7

DiGiCo SD7

About the DiGiCo SD7 DiGiCoís SD7 is the first live console to use next generation of FPGA called Super FPGA for Audio Processing (not the usual DSP platform other console manufacturers use). DiGiCo was the first company to use Analog Devices SHARC DSP in its consoles and are also the first to use the next generation called Tiger SHARCS, which are purely used for Control and Effects.

The SD7 is the most powerful live performance console with a totally flexible bussing structure with an incredible 128 busses possible, 256 processing paths, plus a 32 x 32 Matrix, 32 x 32 band graphics EQ and a plethora of internal effects. The benefits are to be found Not only in the high resolution audio processing that makes 128 simultaneous 192kHz signal paths readily achievable. or 256 at 48kHz/96kHz but limitless flexibility too.

The SD7 is the world's first live pro audio console to offer full 192kHz processing in addition to 48khz and 96kHz. Giving you a range of options embracing the ultimate in mix resolution and an awesome channel count. In I92kHz mode - offering over four times the resolution of standard CD audio quality In your live mix.

Dual redundancy The SD7 is the only console where not only the engine fits inside the work surface (as in the D5) but also has a redundant engine as well.No longer is full redundancy an external, costly, space consuming option: in the SD7 it's built in as standard. Thanks to the Stealth board's compact dimensions we've accommodated two complete engines within the SD7's frame -which is itself only a few mm wider than the D5.This Provides 100% redundancy of the engine, operating system, application software and embedded hardware, without external racks or extra cabling for applications that demand redundant systems that it's all been taking care of.

On console I/O Again. flexibility Is the key. Every module has 12 analogue mic/line inputs and line outs plus 12 AES/EBU I/Os,and the desk can run two hi speed Oprocoreô loops, each with with 224 ins and 224 outs. That's a total of 448 optical connections and 224 MADI connections running simultaneously on the board.The local I/O connections meanwhile, are great for setting up a desk in the warehouse, Ready to take a set of speakers, a shout mic and a CD or iPodô without having to unpack the racks. lt also means that for most FOH purposes you won't even need a local rack.

DiGiCoís VNL (Video Network Link) offers SD7 engineers working on the same show live video communication. Now, FOH can not only hear comments from monitor world or the broadcast sound truck, all three can booth talk and and even text to and see each other. Itís the world smartest shout system.

Virtual Soundcheck and Live Recording To use the console for multitrack live recording, simply connect Eighth Day Soundís MADI Nuendo or Pro Tools recorder to the console via MADI portís, and you can record and playback all channels from and to the SD7.

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