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Friends, colleagues, and family,

     The pandemic and the work stoppage have undeniably changed our industry.  Troy and I want you to know we are keenly aware of the impact this is having on all of our livelihoods.  We also want you to know we firmly believe there will again be a time when we are all working at what we love, safely.  While we can’t be sure of that time frame, we are looking toward this future, and we hope to provide some encouragement by announcing a vote of confidence in the potential of our industry. 

     Today Clair Global and Eighth Day Sound have joined forces as one family. Even before the pandemic paused our operations, Troy and I were both looking for ways to best position our companies to grow, service the industry, and provide a secure future for our valued and collective staff. After some discussion, we concluded that the most impactful way to achieve these goals was to combine our leading technical expertise and our access to the world’s top  gear.

     In addition to the expansion of premier equipment offering and access to renowned crews, the union of two family-operated companies will maintain the relationship-first culture we both hold in high regard, and our customers know and appreciate.

     Correctly combining the two organizations will take energy, focus, and time.  We are confident the results will be exciting, and we appreciate your patience as we take advantage of the industry pause to work out the details.  One thing we can assure you of today is that the Eighth Day Sound brand will be maintained and will conduct business as it has for the last forty years, under the same management and with the same staff.

     We are excited to tell all of you about the new path our companies are taking.  We couldn’t be more positive about what this means for the scope and quality of service we can provide our customers, and most importantly, for the careers and livelihood of our staff. During this pandemic and the undeniable impact it is having on our livelihoods, we hope to encourage you with this news.  We ask you to join us in our enthusiasm for what is to come.

     Stay healthy and focused on the future. When we get through this and return to work, we can be confident our combined company will be positioned to move the touring experience forward for all of us.

A Note From Tom and Troy

Lititz, Pennsylvania (August 20, 2020) – Two world-renowned touring and sound reinforcement companies are joining forces to focus on building industry capabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic pause. Clair Global (Lititz, PA) has announced the acquisition of Eighth Day Sound Systems, Inc. (Cleveland, OH) with the specific goal of continuing to support the dedicated relationships for touring customers from both rosters.

Before the industry slowdown, Tom Arko, president of Eighth Day, and Troy Clair, owner of Clair Global, discussed how this union could further improve and strengthen future tour support.  Today, they see it as a vote of confidence for the industry and fellow sound community members. Eighth Day Sound will also compliment the installation division of Clair Global.

"First and foremost, our hearts and thoughts are with our colleagues and families affected by this sudden work stoppage worldwide," said Troy Clair and Tom Arko in a joint statement. "While the impact is huge, we encourage all to stay healthy and focus on the future. We'll get through this and return to work when we can safely gather again for production events.”

In addition to leading technical expertise from the audio trade's top tier professionals and renowned crews, the alliance will offer a broad range of full line premier speaker brands, amplified availability from the more extensive audio equipment base, and flexibility from the boosted global presence. The two companies will continue their long-term relationships with manufacturers that they have had for many years.

​To read the full release click here.

Tom Arko

President, Eighth Day Sound

​​When is the acquisition effective?
Eighth Day Sound Systems, Inc. has been acquired by Clair Global effective 08/20/2020.

Considering the slowdown caused by the pandemic, what is the advantage of this timing?
The global pause in operations allows a focus on building much-needed industry capacities.  While today, activity is at a standstill, the desire for live events isn't going away.  Once it is safe for all again, we fully expect the need to be even more significant and for us to be best prepared to serve that pent-up demand for entertainment.

How will the Industry benefit from this transaction (What are some of the ways we will be better prepared?)
The joining of the #1 and #2 live sound companies creates one, clear center of excellence for Premier Sound:

     • Squarely addresses the Industry need for more capability in touring
     • Enhanced customer experience through several synergies:
          - Larger, owned equipment base with even more resources to provide the highest industry availability
          - Increased touring support globally - UK/Europe, APAC – Australia with offices in the US, UK, Europe, Australia and partnerships            in South America and Japan
          - Full line of Premier Speaker brands – All of the top global brands (D&B, Adamson, Cohesion, L-Acoustics)
          - Industry's best technical expertise on Industry's top equipment

          - Clair's additional capabilities -- Backline, Onsite Wireless, Touring Production IT, High Density Wi-Fi and network solutions etc.
          - Brain trust of both companies -- hundreds of years of combined experience
          - Crews – Most professional and best trained in the Industry 

How will this change both companies?
A principal driving force for uniting these particular companies is our respected mutual values. Both companies are privately owned by families and run with a passion for the sound industry. We have each cultivated a philosophy of "family and relationship first." This union "keeps it in the family" and offers an alternative to the more corporate and profit-centric motivations that can constrain outside investment sources.

Because of this, we don't see changes in operations at EDS. We will operate as we have historically - premier equipment operated by a passionate group of industry experts. 

​​​Whom should I contact if I have further questions about this acquisition?
Claire Messimer, Clair Global. +1 (717) 626-4000

Troy Clair

Owner / CEO, Clair Global



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