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First and foremost, Eighth Day Sound is a service company.  Whether gearing up for your first or largest tour, sourcing crew and equipment for your festival or designing and quoting a permanent installation, our team of highly experienced staff will help guide you.  Through listening and understanding needs, we can collaborate to turn your vision into reality.


Our focus on professional audio equipment and high standards has enabled us to select, assemble and maintain the best sound reinforcement systems available while innovating industry leading 

efficient packaging.  Dedicated professional crews, outstanding sonic performance with less weight flown and done with less truck space all contribute to the success of every show in every city worldwide.


Driven by our diverse clientele and industry preferred equipment we are known for providing sound reinforcement solutions to the most demanding multi-artist, multi-day events.  We provide scalable systems that can grow with your event year after year.  Our extensive experience handling outdoor shows in challenging locations and weather conditions can help your event stay safe and on time.


We have been providing equipment to EDM events since the "rave" days. We excel at providing equipment and expertise for multi-stage, high SPL shows.


Whether servicing or supplementing an existing installation, designing or consulting on a new build or retrofitting an old one, we have the resources and knowledge to help. We also can provide training to your in-house audio crew to get the most out of your current system. 


We offer state-of-the-art, well maintained and efficiently packaged audio equipment, seasoned crew and unparalleled service - delivered consistently.  To learn more specifically about our installation products & services please click here.


Eighth Day Sound has taken years of live performance sound reinforcement expertise and applied it to the permanent installation market. The comprehensive product range and significant resources of the company enable the complete satisfaction of technical and financial requirements unique to each customer, with an efficient, engineered, and practical solution. 

Our staff works closely with each client to define the requirements and challenges of each project. Whether it is system upgrade or new construction of a facility, Eighth Day Sound will advise you through the entire process. Consideration of performance, physical requirements, aesthetics, ease of operation, and the potential for future upgrades are taken into account to ensure you get the best possible sound system and/or video system for your budget. We use the latest software available to aid our technicians in the design of the system and also to predict the coverage and sound pressure levels within the listening environment. We are able to provide full system integration as required by each project. Training of client personnel on new equipment is always provided. 

We offer the same high standard of customer service, regardless of the product or project value. From large capacity entertainment arenas, educational institutions, theaters and houses of worship to the most intimate boardrooms, Eighth Day Sound can supply complete consultation, design and installation services for any application requiring quality audio / video reinforcement.





We offer sophisticated, professional audio equipment and experienced technicians to ensure your special event or corporate meeting sounds terrific and is accomplished with style and ease.  You can count on us for top of the line sound reinforcement systems trusted and used by well-known artists of every genre.  When needed, we provide uncompromising project management service, to insure that your event is one to remember. Whether you have a new product launch, political rally, multi-act music festival or need reliable audio to interface with a broadcast truck, just think of Eighth Day Sound Systems for your sound reinforcement needs.


In an effort to ensure the quality of production staff in the field and the ability of warehouse and operations staff to provide the proper level of support services, Eighth Day Sound is committed to staff training and a regular review of operating procedures. Additionally, all production personnel participate in a rigorous 50+ hour, annual training program that incorporates technology, customer service, and risk prevention. Indicative of our commitment to training, over 100 Eighth Day Sound personnel have completed the d&b Audiotechnik and Adamson 

loudspeaker training programs. This quantity significantly exceeds the manufacturer trained personnel of any company world-wide. Customer satisfaction and client longevity are measures of staff performance as well as direct reflections of our work ethic and commitment to service.


If you need to capture any live performance for archival or broadcast use, we have multiple solutions for you.  Tell us your needs and we can match them with the latest technology.