Eighth Day Sound can provide full system integration services that include: system design, design consultation, sound installation and video installation.  We can even recommend reputable companies that offer acoustic treatment options and lighting installation, that match our customer service ethic to ease the whole installation process.  Regardless of the product application or project value, great care is taken to ensure that we meet or exceed our customers' expectations.


Our staff works closely with each client to define the requirements and challenges of each project.  Whether it is system upgrade or new construction, Eighth Day Sound will advise you through the entire process.  We use the latest technology and software available to create a virtual model of your space to design a system that equally distributes sound volume and maintains tonal balance throughout.  Each virtual model allows our Engineers to continually tweak and optimize the system before the installation, saving you time and labor during the installation while giving you the ability to visualize the final product.  System components can be color matched to existing décor to blend into the overall aesthetics. 


Eighth Day Sound employs specially trained, bonded technicians that are backed by a dedicated Project Management team to complete your installation on time and on budget.  Attention to detail throughout the process creates a high-quality finished product that retains its value long term.  We only use proper gauge cable from industry respected brands and terminate it with long-lasting, tour proven connectors.  All wiring will be neatly run, properly secured and clearly marked with panel work displaying laser-etched labels used exclusively.  Every effort is made to make each product selected blend seamlessly into the finished cohesive system.  We offer a complimentary 1-year warranty on all installed systems and honor all manufacturer warranties.


Eighth Day Sound was an established provider of high-quality sound reinforcement solutions long before customer demand led to the founding of an installation department in 1997.  Twenty years later, customer demand is still the driving force of our business.  We have long-standing relationships with equipment manufacturers that, combined with our global touring business, allow us to have a greater industry reach than our competitors.  Our scale allows us to attract a diverse group of dedicated professionals who contribute to each project's success.  Additionally, all staff attend a rigorous 50+ hour annual training session that keeps  everyone up to date with the latest technology.


Our years of expertise in the live music performance market allows us to provide comprehensive hands-on, real-world training that can only come from extensive knowledge gained while using this equipment.  We also can provide consultation and training to your in-house audio crew to get the most out of your current system even if it was not purchased from us. 

Technical drawings and system schematics can be provided at the completion work and are invaluable reference materials.  


We offer products from major manufacturers including; d&b audiotechnik, Adamson, Yamaha, Shure, Audio Technica, AvidMidas, Da-Lite, Denon, Digico, Electro-Voice , Extron, Renkus-HeinzPresonus, BoseMarantz, Radial, Panasonic, Sennheiser, Whirlwind and more.  NEW! Leveraging the buying power of our rental business, we have opened an online store for new and used items that we frequently use as a company.  See what deals we can offer you!  Call or email for bulk discounts or unlisted items.


Eighth Day Sound has teamed up with reputable lenders that understand the needs of the entertainment industry and equipment buyers like you. Financing equipment allows businesses to get the equipment they need without affecting bank or credit lines. No matter the type of business, House of Worship or organization, you need the proper equipment to efficiently operate and flourish.


From large capacity entertainment arenas, educational institutions, and houses of worship to the most intimate boardrooms, Eighth Day Sound can supply complete consultation, design and installation services for any application requiring quality audio and video reinforcement.  Speak with our sales staff about any product, service or application at +1 (440) 995-5900 or

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We specialize in designing and building custom, performance-based audio & video systems that satisfy the technical and financial requirements unique to each and customer.  We offer a comprehensive product range that enables us to design an efficient, practical solution that will be tailored to your specific needs and application.  Consideration of performance, physical requirements, aesthetics, ease of operation and the potential for future upgrades are taken into account to ensure you get the best possible system for your budget.  Contact us at

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A well-designed sound system that is capable of even sound coverage and tonal balance is essential to effectively communicate a message to your congregation.  Add in a custom video system and your service becomes an immersive multimedia experience.  No matter what faith or denomination, clear delivery of the message is the heart of your ministry.​


Schools, Colleges and Universities are challenged with keeping up with constantly evolving technology and incorporating it into their learning environments.  Whether it be the classroom, laboratories, theaters, auditoriums or sports & recreation facilities, we can help with cost effective solutions.  We strive to design every system with some measure of upgradeability to ensure your investment retains its value long term.  

​Years of touring experience has taught us that no two theaters are exactly alike and each requires a custom solution to achieve the best possible show.  Whether your venue is a broadway house with intensive technical cues and lots of wireless microphones and intercom, or a touring venue hosting national acts, let us show you what solutions we can offer.

We routinely service the biggest names in entertainment who demand the best and who do not tolerate equipment failure.  As with our touring systems, we can provide solutions with built in redundancy that seamlessly switch in the case of failure to keep the event running smoothly.  State-of-the-art control networks can remotely monitor the status of each part of the system and give the operator control from central location with an user friendly interface.   Certain speaker products can even perform a self diagnostic to alert you before you have an issue.

From paging systems and background music to high-end dance clubs or live music venues, we have temporary or permanent solutions that can meet your needs.​


We offer A/V design consulting services for new construction and renovations that General Contractors, Electrical Contractors or Owners can use to start the bidding process for their upcoming build.  Having an efficient, well planned design going into the bidding process saves you time, labor and costly change orders during installation.